Drug crime law, is a sub category of criminal law. In definition, it involves legal rules created to address the unlawful possession of drugs, their use, manufacture and other ancillary transactions. Like all cities, Los Angeles also plays host to a number of drug crimes which make the place dangerous.


It is worth noting that drug crimes are primarily varied in nature. Each drug charge differs in its features and thus the consequences attached to committing each of the said crime also varies. Naturally, the degree and extent to which the drug crime was committed also matters. All these factors make up the final charge and its ruling.


In Los Angeles, there are two core drug crimes which are extremely popular. Their counts are high which indicate that they are committed throughout the year.


One of the prime drug crimes is the simple possession of drugs. The crime entails that if you are caught with a designated quantity of drugs in your possession, then you will be charged under the law. In addition to this, the charge is often coupled with the crime of trafficking or smuggling.  This crime is indeed broad, in that it harbors various sub crimes such as possession with intent to sell. It is crucial to note that these sub crimes are aggravating factors which render the initial crime of possession more likely to be proven in front of the authorities.


Additionally, DUI charges are also considered the norm in Los Angeles when we talk of drug crimes. Such crimes pertain to drunk driving which is basically driving under the influence of drugs or some other unlawful substance. Such drugs are not restricted to their illegality, but may also pertain to influence of recreational or prescription drugs, or even over the counter drugs.

While there is also a range of other drug crimes, it is vital to mention the possible penalties that may be imposed on the accused or offender.


The most likely penalty is that of a jail term, as is applicable in most other areas’ way of dealing with drug crimes. However, the term of the jail depends on the numerous factors that either aggravate or smooth out your case. The police and court basically look into matters relating to intention, proof, evidence etc. In contrast to this, other penalties may also be imposed. For instance, the penalty of community service is a common one. Moreover, it is also worth noting that being charged with drug crimes can also fatally affect one’s life and the matters related to it, such as employment prospects or married life.


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