What acts qualify as a Sex crime?

Sex crimes are one of the more horrendous crimes, prevalent in all societies. Although the term “sex crimes” is self-explanatory – it generally encompasses any illegal or forced sexual conduct against another individual.


  • Rape – The most well-known sex crime, rape is defined as the non-consensual sexual intercourse where the victim is forced to give in to penetration of the criminal’s penis in the mouth, vagina or anus.
  • Child Abuse – This type of sex crime is one where the victim is a minor (under the age of 18/16 years). Abuse may include rape, pornography etc.
  • Sex trafficking – Trading of Humans (mostly women and adolescent girls) for purposes of illegal sex.
  • Indecent exposure – Displaying of private parts (even breasts) in public by any individual is also considered a crime.
  • Forced prostitution – Where victims (mostly women and adolescent girls) are forced to be sex workers.
  • Incest – Illegal sexual relationships (between brother and sister / mother and son / father and daughter etc.).


How do you prosecute if your child is involved in a sex crime?

The age of consent, on average, is 16. Therefore, if a minor is involved in a sex crime, either as a victim or an offender, the case may be classified as that of “child sex crime” or more commonly, “child sexual abuse”.

If your child was involved in a sex crime, please contact an attorney immediately.


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