Luring of a minor is when an adult over the age of 21 attempts to encourage, lure, or coax a minor under the age of 14 from their home. In the past, luring of a minor most often occurred on the streets of quiet neighborhoods in otherwise peacefully quaint towns. However, in today’s age, the Internet has become an ideal, primary medium for individuals to use when in luring minors away from their homes. They are then exposed to such criminal acts as kidnapping, molestation, and other sex crimes.

Luring of a minor is executed with intent to commit sexual acts, and is thus regarded as a sex crime. Due to how often luring of a minor happens on the Internet, where traditional laws don’t apply, it can also be regarded as a computer crime.

For years law enforcement have pushed to contend with criminals who are working online. Although many investigations are carried out and arrests made, many of the offenses go without punishment. Due to this, prosecutors and law enforcement are willing to go to further lengths to ensure the arrests that are made. Unfortunately, mistakes have become considerably prevalent throughout this process, providing a key area for an adept defense lawyer to potentially bring holes in the prosecutions’ case to light.




Law enforcement officers are highly aggressive when it comes to capturing possible sex crime offenders. Such aggression can lead to the violation of a defendant’s constitutional rights. As an example, police could pose as a victim and communicate with someone to make them believe they are communicating with a minor. Police may even post fictitious profiles and pictures online. In addition, numerous false allegations may arise from a minor who is pulling a prank or has an axe to grind with an adult. The constitutional rights of the defendant may be violated if police entrapment occurs. This may prove to be paramount to your defense. We will utilize our knowledge to ascertain where law enforcement have violated your constitutional rights and overstepped legal boundaries, in addition to other aspects crucial to your defense.





Luring of a minor comes with penalties that can be quite severe, including extensive fines and prison sentences. Defendants may face several charges on account that luring of a minor is often a means to commit another crime. The criminal defense lawyers of Okabe & Haushalter are steadfast supporters of the accused in all criminal cases. We aim to build the strongest case possible through examining in detail the information at hand, as well as the efforts of police and the prosecution to convict. We work hard to assure you the best position for success against your charges and will not turn away from any courtroom fight.

In you have been accused of luring of a minor, contact a Los Angeles sex crime defense lawyer to focus on building an aggressive defense.



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