What is Bank Fraud?

Bank fraud is the use of illegal means or methods to acquire money or assets held by a financial institution, such as a bank. Bank fraud also includes posing as a bank in order to obtain another person’s assets. An experienced bank fraud lawyer at our firm has a strong understanding of the science behind bank fraud, as well as a thorough knowledge of what bank fraud charges entail. An Okabe & Haushalter lawyer will fully investigate every possible avenue of prosecution in order to develop a strong defense.



Arrested for an Bank Fraud in Los Angeles?
Bank fraud is usually a criminal offense, which potentially carries penalties of over 10 years in prison or fines exceeding $10,000. Because of this, it is absolutely imperative to enlist the services of a Los Angeles criminal attorney who understands antitrust violations and their varying levels of interpretation. Bank fraud charges are rather serious; yet there is always a strong defensive case to be developed. At times, the circumstances surrounding the alleged bank fraud may not be very clear cut; allowing for the development of a powerful defensive case.



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Bank fraud is a severe criminal offense that may potentially change the course of someone’s life. Okabe & Haushalter believes that every client has the right to an equitable trial and supporting defense. We strive to guarantee you the best position for success against your charges and will not turn away from any courtroom fight.
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