Facing Bankruptcy Fraud in Los Angeles?

Bankruptcy Fraud is considered a white-collar crime with several variations. Most commonly, bankruptcy fraud involves concealing assets to avoid having said items retained. The next most common offense is when people falsify information on bankruptcy forms. Third most common; an individual will file bankruptcy in multiple states, or will file multiple times with false information. Finally, the least common form of bankruptcy fraud involves bribing whoever is handling your bankruptcy process. A competent bankruptcy fraud lawyer must thoroughly understand the nuances of bankruptcy fraud. At Okabe & Haushalter, our lawyers know the methodologies that the prosecution will use, and are able to develop a strong bankruptcy fraud defense case because of this.



Arrested for an Bankruptcy Fraud in Los Angeles?

Bankruptcy fraud comes with relatively heavy penalties that can be rather life-altering, including extensive fines up to $250,000, or a prison sentence of up to 5 years in a federal penitentiary. Because of this, it is absolutely imperative to enlist the services of a Los Angeles criminal attorney who understands bankruptcy fraud charges. Bankruptcy fraud is a serious federal offense with lasting consequences; yet there is always hope of putting it in the past. Because of the complicated nature of bankruptcy fraud, an experienced and intelligent defense attorney can always build a case.



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Bankruptcy fraud is a federal offense and should be treated with immense care and attention. It is Okabe & Haushalter’s belief that every client has the right to a fair trial and an aggressive defense. We aim to guarantee you the best position for success against your charges, regardless of the difficulty of the case. If you have been accused of or charged with bankruptcy fraud, reach out to Okabe & Haushalter for a free and confidential consultation from a Los Angeles bankruptcy fraud defense lawyer.



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