What is Health Care Fraud?

Health care fraud involves health insurance fraud, drug fraud or medical fraud. This takes place when a company or healthcare professional attempts to defraud an insurer or government health care program. This can entail over billing, charging for procedures, drugs or services that were unrendered, purchasing equipment or charging for procedures that are unnecessary, or even using patients medicare numbers in exchange for kickbacks. All of these acts would be considered health care fraud and are tirelessly pursued by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.



Have you been accused of Health Care Fraud?
Health care fraud charges are a serious matter and penalties for it have become more severe in recent years. The False Claims Act allows individuals who are not affiliated with the government, called relators to file actions against companies or individuals suspected of health care fraud. These individuals, called “whistleblowers” stand to receive 15-25 percent of the recovered damages as an incentive to report the fraud. If you are convicted of health care fraud, you can expect to face stiff penalties including lengthy prison sentences, large fines, restitution and even deportation if you are not a United States citizen.



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