What is Internet Crime?
Internet crime is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of crimes. The various crimes may make it confusing to understand your particular situation because although the crimes can be different, they often are linked together. It is important to understand your individual case.

A term that is often used when dealing with internet crimes, of all types, is “reasonable care”. This term is used to determine whether or not the supposed victim took the necessary precautions in order to be sure the other person is who they say they are. The elements of the crime are important to determine where the crime falls under the law. Internet crimes typically fall under additional laws depending on whether or not they can also be classified as a sex crime, a hate crime, a crime against a minor, or a murder crime. These are only a few of the elements considered when prosecuting an internet crime as almost every internet crime is simply a crime with the use of a computer and internet connection.



Are you facing Internet Crime charges?
The consequences of internet crime can lead to any number of different charges depending on the circumstances. For most offenses, punishment can drastically range from a fine, all the way to a lifetime in prison. Internet sex crimes are one of the higher-penalized internet crimes, and can lead to many years of jail time if a minor is involved. It is not uncommon for such crimes to be prosecuted under federal law, as the Internet has been used to commit some of the most extreme offenses due to the false sense of anonymity that many have when using the internet.



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