What Are Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion?

Tax Fraud is the intentional lying on one’s tax return in order to lower liability. Tax Evasion is a subset of tax fraud and includes similar punishments. An experienced defense attorney at our firm has a strong understanding of the science behind tax fraud and tax evasion, as well as charges these crimes actually entail. An Okabe & Haushalter lawyer will fully investigate every possible avenue of prosecution in order to develop a strong defense.



Arrested for Tax Fraud or Tax Evasion In Los Angeles?

Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion come with penalties that can be rather life-altering, including extensive fines or prison sentences. Because of this, it is absolutely imperative to enlist the services of a Los Angeles criminal attorney who understands your type of case. Tax fraud and tax evasion charges are definitely serious; yet there is almost always a strong defense to be made. Many times, the circumstances around the alleged abuse may not be clearcut; this would allow for an extremely strong defensive case to be made.



Meet with an Award Winning Tax Fraud or Tax Evasion Attorney


Tax fraud and tax evasion are both criminal offenses that can dramatically change the course of an individual’s life. It is Okabe & Haushalter’s belief that every client has the right to a fair trial and an aggressive defense. We work hard to assure you the best position for success against your charges. If you are in the midst of facing tax fraud or tax evasion charges, contact Okabe & Haushalter and receive a free and confidential consultation from a Los Angeles tax fraud or tax evasion defense attorney.



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