Need Removal From Megan’s Law in Los Angeles?

Megan’s Law is a combination of laws that requires information regarding sex offenders to be publicly available, and that everyone in the community surrounding a sex offender be notified of any nearby sex offenders. Those who have been deemed sex offenders for past activities will likely find themselves affected by Megan’s Law, which also makes sex offenders tell law enforcement whenever they seek new residence or employment. Those who wish to be removed from this public database must contact the Department of Justice. Although it is difficult to get yourself removed from Megan’s Law, an Okabe & Haushalter lawyer will give you the best possible chance of doing so.



Get Removed From Megan’s Law

Finding yourself limited by Megan’s law is an awful experience, and it makes it even more difficult to put past events behind you. Although it is possible to get yourself removed from Megan’s Law, it has become exceedingly difficult to do so. In particular, if you were placed on Megan’s Law for any sort of act involving a minor, the task becomes even more challenging. However, with the assistance of an Okabe & Haushalter attorney who has experience removing clients from Megan’s Law, this is a very feasible task. Because of this, it is absolutely crucial to enlist the services of a Los Angeles criminal attorney who not only understands Megan’s Law, but who knows how to gain removal from the public sex offender database.



Work with an Attorney who can Remove You From Megan’s Law


If you are being directly affected by Megan’s Law, you are not getting all you can out of life. It is Okabe & Haushalter’s belief that every client has the right to a fair trial, with the additional ability of being able to put past actions behind them. Our team of lawyers will stand by your side as we fight to remove your name from Megan’s law, so that you can get your life back. Contact Okabe & Haushalter at your convenience for a free initial consultation.



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