While no one is perfect, people do make mistakes; particularly teenagers and children. A juvenile crime is a crime that has been committed by a minor and is managed differently than a typical criminal offense that is committed by an adult. An experienced attorney in managing juvenile criminal cases is imperative to effectively and properly represent a minor who has been accused of or arrested for a crime.




Our Los Angeles law firm provides quality legal council and representation to children and teens who have been accused of any kind of criminal offense. The attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter have the needed understanding of the California Juvenile Court system to provide the most valuable legal representation and support. We handle cases throughout Los Angeles and the South Bay and will fight for your rights during your case.

It is our belief that is extremely important for young adults and children to be given the chance of rehabilitation rather than receiving punishments. Although the California Juvenile Court process is designed to provide solutions consistent with rehabilitation, there is potential for an overzealous judge or prosecutor to easily escalate a situation and attempt to have the accused child tried in adult court, where the defendant will face adult penalties. The attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter do not believe this to be a viable option and will fight to help you avoid this unfavorable event.






One way in which the Juvenile Court differs from a typical adult court in California is that there is no jury present during the trial. This makes it apparent more than ever that your attorney will play a critical role in your case’s outcome. For example, if your attorney has excellent working relationships with juvenile prosecutors and judges, they will be aware of effective strategies to utilize in defense of your case. These relationships combined with experience in California juvenile law, can go a great distance in obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

The attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter have all the qualities to look for in a juvenile criminal defense attorney including commitment to our clients, knowledge, and experience which sets up apart from other legal representatives. In addition, our seasoned experience in defending cases throughout Los Angeles has enabled us to establish strong, positive working relationships with prosecutors and judges alike. The lawyers of Okabe & Haushalter are experience in managing various juvenile crime charges, including: gang offenses, underage drinking, theft, DUI (driving under the influence), and vandalism and many more.




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