Professional licensing is required by the California Department of Consumer Affairs for anyone who practices such occupations as teaching, psychology, accounting, and dentistry, as well as others. Our attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter are thoroughly prepared to handle cases where professionals face a professional licensing board hearing. For those who practice occupations who have their own respective boards, they will face those boards in the event that their professional licenses are at risk. As an example, a doctor who has an alleged violation or has received a public complaint will face a Medical Board. If you have allegations against your professional occupation and must go before a professional licensing board, do not go without the experienced assistance of a Okabe & Haushalter Los Angeles criminal defense attorney.




Any alleged violation or complaint of a doctor or physician will be assessed by the Medical Board of California. Complaints can come from various sources including: the general public, a patient, the California Business and Professions Code (B&P reports), an anonymous source, and government groups. The Central Complaint Unit (CCU) manages all initial complaints and reviews the case to determine what steps, if any, need to be taken. The CCU may conclude that it is necessary to conduct an investigation in order to further inspect the matter and whether or not the Board has jurisdiction. In the event of a minor complaint or one that can be mediated, it is likely that it will be passed to the “Citation & Fine Program” which can result in the defendant receiving a citation as opposed to disciplinary action. More serious cases are managed by a criminal prosecution or the Attorney General, although it is possible to appeal even these decisions.

Attorneys are another example of a professional who may face complaints and other trouble with their licensing board. The State Bar of California licenses attorneys in the state. The State Bar Act, found in the California Business and Professions (B&P) Code Division 3 and Chapter 4, defines areas for all attorneys to comply with in order to be considered “in good standing” with the bar. In the case that an attorney is in violation of this Act, § 6090-6095.1 details the disciplinary actions that can be carried out against licensed attorneys. The State Bar possesses the authority to access any and all nonpublic court documents pertinent to the case. Even in the case where the evidence may not be in your favor, Okabe & Haushalter can provide you will a strong case against such allegations of professional misconduct. Our attorneys will fight at your professional licensing board hearing to ensure you do not lose the valuable certifications you have earned.





No matter what specific professional conduct allegations you face, Okabe & Haushalter is prepared to fight for you. Whether you are a physician, nurse, psychologist, real estate agent, attorney, accountant, or belong to another professional occupation, and are facing complaints or reports of misconduct on your part, we are thoroughly equipped to evaluate your case and fight for you at your hearing. Okabe & Haushalter attorneys are equipped with knowledge of the California Business and Professions Code as well as a various professional occupations that have earned them inclusions in Super Lawyers® as well as “Superb” 10 out of 10 scores in Avvo ratings. Contact our office for a consultation and to determine if we are right for you.



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